Olevy “Oliver” Helaire

This is the story of my 2x great uncle, Olevy Helaire.  I was inspired to learn and write about him because he was such a mystery to my family.  Our family never knew much about him and we have never seen a picture.  In fact, the only reason that I know of his existence is from my grandmother who is now 105 years old, Elvira Helaire-Davis.  She once told me when I was a child that her father, Felix Helaire, had a brother in New Orleans – her uncle Oliver Helaire, as she referred to him.   Over the years, I recall seeing his name listed in a couple of family genealogy records; but nothing more than a reference to his birth and him as a child in one of the census records.  Beyond this, no one has been able to provide any information about the life of my 2x great uncle Olevy “Oliver” Helaire, until now.  I dedicate this story of my dear ancestor to my grandmother Mrs. Elvira Helaire Davis, my late mother, Mrs. Girther Lee Davis Strong, my Aunt Jeannie Davis, and my mother’s first cousin Olevia Helaire, for whom, I suspect, he was named after our ancestor, 2x great uncle, Olevy “Oliver” Helaire (ref. Henry Helaire Sr.)   

Published by ydstrong

Yokota is a banking executive, specializing in compliance, risk, and anti-money laundering. Yokota has 20 years of combined experience in financial services and has served as a forensic auditor and adjunct professor of Business Ethics, Compliance, and Fraud Prevention. Yokota uses his specialized skills of investigation, forensics, and detailed research, to provide successful resolution in traditional and forensic genealogy cases. Through his own family’s history and heritage, Yokota has developed a passion for assisting with African American and enslaved ancestor research. He uses traditional genealogy combined with genetic genealogy to solve cases and break through brick walls.

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