Strong Genealogy by Yokota D. Strong

I created this site so that I can begin to document my own ancestry research as well as the amazing journey that have led to amazing discoveries and significant family connections. At Strong Genealogy, I have an opportunity to build on the ancestry, historical and family connections to work within my own family and others to continue the legacies of our ancestors.

Simply put, Strong-Gen specializes in helping families network and build on their ancestry in order to further their family’s legacies together.

Why Is This Important?

  • Because it gives honor and dignity to our ancestors whose stories have been so often vanished over time
  • Because it gives meaning and a sense of pride to the living descendants to have an opportunity to improve upon and make a better world than the one that our ancestors lived.

I decided to take this passion to the public because I know there are many others who share the same passion. I know there are those who are passionate about connecting their family and would love to build on their family legacy, but have no idea where to start.

If you are interested in learning about my discoveries and some of the ways I am connecting ancestry to build on family legacies, please continue to follow my blog!

Published by ydstrong

Yokota is a banking executive, specializing in compliance, risk, and anti-money laundering. Yokota has 20 years of combined experience in financial services and has served as a forensic auditor and adjunct professor of Business Ethics, Compliance, and Fraud Prevention. Yokota uses his specialized skills of investigation, forensics, and detailed research, to provide successful resolution in traditional and forensic genealogy cases. Through his own family’s history and heritage, Yokota has developed a passion for assisting with African American and enslaved ancestor research. He uses traditional genealogy combined with genetic genealogy to solve cases and break through brick walls.

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